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BionicTime T164B

BionicTime T164B
BionicTime T164B
BionicTime T164B
BionicTime T164B
BionicTime T164B
BionicTime T164B
BionicTime T164B
BionicTime T164B
BionicTime T164B
BionicTime T164B
BionicTime T164B
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  • Model: T164B
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The BionicTime T164B is a mechanical timer with bipolar disconnection suitable for high power electrical equipment.

Its particularity is that it disconnects both poles (Phase/L and Neutral/N) when it is in the off position.

This allows the equipment connected to the BionicLED timer to be switched off completely disconnects during the disconnection phases.

The vast majority of other timers on the market (Legrand, Ottio...etc) use a unipolar disconnection, and only disconnect the phase.

In most cases this partial disconnection does not pose a visible problem, however we have noted an incompatibility of LEDs with this principle.

In the LED bulbs, depending on the assembly of the electrical circuit, the induced current manifests itself as a low luminous persistence bulbs while the circuit is open.

But we also noticed that the bipolar disconnection increases the lifetime and safety of all other types of devices connected to the BionicLED timer.

Indeed, when they are switched off, the disconnection of the two poles allows a complete isolation of the equipment, so that no induced current persists in its components and reduces its life expectancy.

The mechanical BionicTime T164B with bipolar disconnection also protects all equipment from the risk of lightning.


  • Special function: bipolar disconnection
  • For devices with high inductive power (Motor, HPS,...)
  • Prevents the problem of partial extinction of LEDs
  • Increases the lifetime of the equipment
  • More safety by disconnecting the 2 poles
  • Adjustable time unit: 15 min
  • Max. operating voltage: 230V~/50Hz
  • Max. operating current: 16(4)A
  • Max inductive load: 900W
  • Max resistive load: 3680W
  • Ambient temperature: 0°C to +55°C
  • Suitable for indoor use
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